Falconry Services

Owl Encounter

During the 1 hour owl encounter, you will get the opportunity to handle, fly and feed one of our owls. A professional falconer will teach you about the Owl’s secretive world, while one or more Owls fly free around the group. Camera is a must!

Feel the power of our Eagle Owls and the grace of the Barn Owls as they fly among you. There is also the occasional treat of one or two more guests.

Kids Parties

Have Hawkeye Falconry at your kiddies party and combine excitement entertainment and education for an amazing fun filled event.

Corporate Events

At Hawkeye Falconry we can arrange a group of Falconry activities to suit your corporate event. This is both educational and fun, where lots of opportunities will be given to participate and enjoy the up close and personal experience of handling these magnificent Birds of Prey. This event will be the talk of your workplace for a long time.


We are always happy to visit schools with our collection of Birds of Prey. We will explain the biology of Birds of Prey and give an educational an informative talk on native species, conservation and habitat, while we fly the birds to give the kids a proper insight into these magnificent creatures.


Pest Control

We have the cure to all your avian pest control problems, at airports, landfill, factories, transfer stations, cities and towns. Once a predator presence is maintained in your area it will eliminate the pest species from that area. Our extensive knowledge and understanding of pest birds results in maximum impact. This services provides a natural way of controlling and deterring avian pests.

Hunting Days

Hunting Days can be arranged during the open season. You will be taken on a hunting trip with a professional falconer, his hawk and dog to hunt game.

Depending on seasons quarry hunting will be Corvids (rooks, crows, magpies) Pheasant, Partridge, Snipe and Rabbits. Birds used are Goshawks, Harris Hawks, Peregrine Falcons. We also use Pointers and Spaniels for finding and flushing.

Films, Adverts & Photography

Get those sought after photographs, clips, that you could never get in a wild environment. Our birds can be trained to work in various situations. We will ensure you get the shot or clip you are looking for. We deliver quality clips.

Flying Displays

We can come to your event and fly various Birds of Prey while the falconer educates and entertains your audience, flying displays last 40mins - 1 hour.


Static Displays

We can come to your event and put on a display of birds perched out for your guests to enjoy. A falconer will educate your guests and allow them hold some of the birds. Great opportunity for photos.


Falconry Courses & Training - Introduction and Advanced Courses

Learn how to become a competent falconer. We cover all aspects of falconry including laws and legalities, husbandry, equipment, hygiene, accommodation, hunting and respect to quarry.

We bring you through the training process step by step.